Desti Jackie | Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Nassys Bring 100+ Destination Wedding Guests to Jamaica!

How Did Jackie Plan Her 100+ Guest Destination Wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica?

This #DestiChat is with a Desti couple that brought 122 guests to celebrate their union for an eventful weekend  in Montego Bay, Jamaica! Desti Jackie shares experiences & best advice on destination wedding planning as a Jamaica Desti! She tells us about bridal beauty, choosing her wedding dress, negotiating prices (something I was no good at), saving money. And not sweating the small stuff!

ANNND her husband, Michael makes a cameo and chimes in to share some of his Desti Groom knowledge as well!

They’re such a cute and fun couple.

I think I’m going to start trying to get some full couple interviews too. It could be nice to get both perspectives at the same time.

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So, here you go! Here’s The Nassys…Jackie and Michael!


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