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It all started when...

We, (the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. BlackDesti) were trying to figure out the best wedding website that could provide us some extra oomph since we were having a destination wedding! After seeing what was out there, we couldn't NOT choose Appy Couple's Wedding Website and App!

What is Appy Couple?

Appy Couple is a modern wedding website and interactive app that practically builds itself and lets you manage and share important details of your destination wedding with ease and style. And let’s be honest, Desti weddings require more care and details and Appy Couple is the perfect choice if you want to Invite and Impress!

What’s so special about Appy Couple?

There is SO much that yo can do because Appy Couple lets you organize all aspects of your destination wedding - from  individual event details and RSVPs, to registries and every last detail your guests will need -- travel, accommodations, passports, maps, weather...everything!

Guests can take polls, add dietary restrictions, get automatic reminders to RSVP. they can even do things like call an uber & upload pictures and messages directly through your website and app. It’s super easy to set up and with over 500 STYLISH DESIGNS (which you can change at anytime) your app and website are always coordinated and beautifully in sync.

Create a gorgeous wedding website and wedding app. Choose from over 500 styles to complement your wedding theme. You'll be up and running in minutes.

And it’s kinda fun telling people your destination wedding has an APP!

How much does Appy Couple Cost?

Appy Couple has 2 different pricing options:


The BOUTIQUE Collection give you access to the entire collection's 500+ designs that you won't find anywhere else.

The LUXURY Collection gives you access to all existing and upcoming, super fancy-schmancy limited-edition luxe designs.

Both Collections give you top notch designs for your customized wedding website & app and you can always witch your design anytime and keep your account active as long as you like.

The difference (other than the design access) is the one-time sign-up fee:

BOUTIQUE Collection is $49
LUXURY Collection is $149

That's it!

No monthly fees at all!

💕My video tour is coming soon so I can REALLY show you what Appy Couple is all about!💕

Here are some examples of the HUNDREDS of beautiful design options that Apply Couple Offers:

So, if you’re looking for a stylish new destination wedding website and love the idea of having an App for your destination wedding, give Appy Couple a shot!

I not only used Appy Couple for my own destination wedding, but DESTI is also now an affiliate, which means that should you choose to take my advice and have an App Wedding, I do get a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if click and you buy through the links on my website. I know a lot of people throw the word affiliate around and I just wanted to make it clear what that really means.

I will only back a product, put my word out there and add it to my DestiLoves Section if I’ve used it and had a great experience...or I have done my homework on it and feel butterflies! In the end, I’m going to only provide advice that will benefit my Bridefriends!

And I’m working on a video to give you a full tour of the Appy Couple wedding and app dashboard using my wedding website, so stay tuned!

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Have the time of your life while planning the best days of your life!

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