Bridefriends are all about


Bridefriends value HONESTY and function and communicate with LOVE. Bridefriends care about INCLUSION and appreciate each other’s differences. Bridefriends understand that you don't have to know someone your entire life to enjoy SHARING your experiences and delight in CELEBRATION together.


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Sharing experiences, knowledge, and inspiration
to support, educate and empower destination wedding hopefuls
on how to have the time of your life, while planning the best days of your life!

You can be a Bridefriend. You should be a Bridefriend. 


Bridefriends support one another during this special time in life and promote friendship. A Bridefriend is more than a bridesmaid, or best friend - they understand what you are going through and/or make the commitment to try their best to help you get exactly what you need.

The Bridefriends' Guide to Destination Weddings is a weekly podcast packed with advice from past destination brides and professionals around the world. Every episode of the Bridefriends' Guide to Destination Weddings is a first-class ticket to peek “behind the veil” of destination wedding planning! 

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Does any of this sound familiar?

I would LOVE to have a destination wedding!
I don't know how to plan my own destination wedding.
I don't know anyone else who has planned a destination wedding.

I need to know what to expect and what I should and shouldn't be doing while planning my destination wedding.

If you answered YES to any of the above, you're in the right place! 

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