30+ Bride Approved Arms & Shoulders Exercises to Add to Your Workout Routine!

No arm giggles for you! This is my guarantee if you add these to your workout routine! On ARMS + SHOULDERS Day, pick 5 from the list below and feel the burn!
Shoot for 60 mins (minimum 45) of pumping!

30 Mins - Your Choice Before or After
Cardio before will warm up your muscles, but if you’re feeling tired save the cardio for last and prioritize the workouts.

Make sure your shoulders are back, chest out, chin up & abs tight!
Never let your knees go over your toes when lunging and squatting...knees should always be @ a 90 degree angle.

Start with light to moderate weight - end with moderate | The more you lift, the less reps you will be able to do - this is fine!

When you add weight, you build muscle | Light or no weight burns out and tones (lean muscle).

Complete 45-60 mins of any combination of the following workouts!

15 mins Core



Push Ups
Everyone knows these - get to it!
3 Sets of 20

Dumbbell Punches
Standing with legs shoulder-width apart and abs tight, place a dumbbell in each hand with arms bent and dumbbells held near your chin. Punch out one hand at a time and return to starting position. 1 set = 30 seconds
4 Sets.

Sit on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand and bring them up into shoulder press position. Complete 1 press on right, 1 press on left, then press together = 1 rep.
4 sets of 8 reps.

Dumbbell Snatch
There will be no rest between sets for these. Hold a dumbbell in one hand at your side, place the other on your core for stabilization. To perform a snatch, drive your elbow up to an upright row, tuck your elbow under and complete the movement by pressing the dumbbell overhead. Control on the descent. Complete 5 reps on your left arm, then 5 on your right, 5 on left, 5 on right etc. No break until you've complete 5 sets of 5 reps on each arm.

Bent Over Tricep Kickbacks x Dumbbell Curls
With a dumbbell in each hand bend over and complete 12 kickbacks. Stand upright and complete 12 bicep curls.
4 sets of each.

Plate Upright Rows x Curls x Tricep Extensions
Complete 12 upright rows, 12 curls then 12 overhead tricep extensions = 1 set.
4 sets.

Rope Front Raise x Overhead Tricep Extensions
Set the cable to the bottom and attach a rope. Complete 12 front raises followed by 12 overhead tricep extensions.
3 sets of each.

Side Raises x Wide Curls
With a dumbbell in each hand, complete 12 side raises followed by 12 wide curls.
3 sets of each.

Overhead Smith Press x Close Grip Smith Tricep Press
With NO weight, complete 10 overhead shoulder presses on the smith machine. Lower the bar to about waist height and lock it. Place your hands a few inches apart on the center of the bar, walk your feet out a bit and complete 10 presses.
4 sets of each.

Hex Press x Push Ups
On an incline bench, place the dumbbells just under your chest/ at your upper abdomen. Press them up and keep them touching the entire time. Complete 12 reps, then immediately do push ups on the back of the incline bench until failure.
I’m using 7.5 lb weights and will try for 10 at the end, do what works for you. Going too heavy could make you lose form. We don’t need much weight here, just a nice even burn.
4 sets of each.

Upright Row x Shoulder Press
Hold a straight bar with an overhand grip in front of you. Drive your elbows up,  tuck your elbows under then press the bar up above your head. Return to starting position = 1 rep.  
I’m using anything between 18 and 25 lbs here. Do what works for you! It should be a smooth transitioning motion and if you have any trouble, move down in weight. You’ll add more as you get stronger - just get it done.
4 sets of 10 reps - no resting here!

Cable Cross Pull
Set the middle cable towers to the highest setting and do not attach handles. Grab left cable in right hand and right cable in left hand. Stand in the center and get a good stretch across your chest at the top. Keeping core tight throughout the whole motion, pull both cables across your body in an “X”, ending with arms fully extended at your sides.  You should feel this in your upper chest and shoulders. Complete 10 reps then uncross them and rest for 10 seconds.
I’m doing this at 20-25 lbs on each side, but do what works best for you. Your first set may need to be without weight so you can get the hang of the motion.
4 sets of 10.

Side Raise x Shrugs
Complete 10 dumbbell side raises immediately followed by 10 dumbbell shrugs.
I’m using 10-15 lbs here, but do what works best.
4 sets of each.

6-Way Shoulder Raise
Seated on the end of a bench, begin with a very light dumbbell in each hand down at your sides. Bring them straight out to your sides­ palms down the entire time. Keeping them raised, bring them straight out in front of you, then straight up over your head. Now reverse the movements, back down in front of you, out to your sides and back down at starting position. 6 total steps = 1 rep.
4 sets of 6-8 reps.

Incline Smith or Barbell Chest Press
If you have a spotter or feel comfortable, use the incline bench press. If not, bring a bench over to the smith machine. Pyramid up and back down- 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, 8 reps, 10 reps.
5 total sets.

Low to High Fly x Cable Side Raise
Set your cables to the lowest setting and attach a single handle. Grab the handles, walk to the center and out a bit. With a palms up grip, bring the handles out in front of you and squeeze for 10 reps. Immediately after, complete 10 single arm side raises on each arm.
4 sets of each.  

Seated Dumbbell Press x Seated Front Raise
With dumbbells in each hand,  complete 12 shoulder presses immediately followed by 10 front raises on each arm.
4 sets of each.

Concentration Curls x Overhead Tricep Extensions
Complete 10 concentration curls each arm followed by 10 overhead tricep extensions each arm.
4 sets of each.

Cable Side Raises x Staggered Curls
Set the cables at the lowest setting. Stand in the middle and grab L cable with R arm and R cable with L arm. Complete 10 side raises (if these are too heavy use dumbbells.) Uncross the cables, take a step forward and complete 10 cable curls.
4 sets of each.

Skull Crushers x Seated Curls
Complete 10 skull crushers with dumbbells, sit up and immediately complete 10 dumbbell curls on each arm.
4 sets of each exercise.

Standing Straight-Bar Shoulder Press x Dips
Using a barbell or preloaded bar, complete 10 shoulder presses immediately followed by dips to burnout.
4 sets.

Dumbbell Front Raise x Svend Press
With a dumbbell in each hand complete 10 front raises on each arm. Immediately after, press the dumbbells together with a neutral grip and complete 10 svend presses. If the weight is too heavy, drop one and use a single dumbbell for these.
4 sets.