Desti Chevita Part 1 | Nassau, Bahamas

How Chevita Planned Her Destination Wedding in Nassau, Bahamas in 90 DAYS!

*Photos courtesy of Martina Micko Photography

Never in the history of this podcast have I met a Desti so eager to share her destination wedding planning journey to Nassau, Bahamas! Our Bridefriend, Chevita shares so much advice and so many experiences that we had to split this interview into 2 parts! 

I’m so excited to share this interview w/ Desti Chevita! She and her now husband, Leon chose to have their Desti wedding in Nassau, Bahamas + planned it in an eventful 90 days! This Part 1 of a 2 part interview with THE MOST enthusiastic + eager to share Desti so far! I mean, I had to split our interview into 2 because I try to keep each episode around an hour and well...we went over! In a great way!

So How do you plan a destination wedding in The Bahamas - in 90 days?!?
Chevita Shares It All! - Part 1

Destination Wedding Planning Topics Covered:

💕Planning her Destination wedding in 90 DAYS!

💕Booking social media beauty pros

💕Reasons to get a Desti wedding planner

💕Considering bridesmaid expenses when inviting to destination wedding

💕Choosing + being comfortable w/ your Desti wedding dress

💕Realistic expectations for Desti bridal beauty + glamour

💕What happens if a hotel breaches contract

💕Traveling w/ ALL of her favors + decorations


So, I present to you - Part 1 of Chevita’s Bahamian Desti Adventures!


DestiCouple: Chevita + Leon Stewart

Destination Wedding Date: May 24, 2015

City & Country: Nassau, Bahamas

Venue: Compass Point Beach Resort Pier (Under their exclusive Gazebo)

Guest Resort: Comfort Suites Paradise Islan
(TripAdvisor Reviews HERE)

Number of Guests: 30

Total Budget: Budget originally 10,000 ended up around $17,000

Thanks Chevita!

We appreciate you being our Bridefriend Forever and giving us a peek "behind your veil" of destination wedding planning in the lovely Nassau, Bahamas!

We wish you & Leon the ABSOLUTE BEST!

Thanks for Listening!

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