5 Reasons To Watch DESTI TV!

as if you needed a reason…


Sooo you’re here to find out just how wonderful DestiTV is ‘eh? Let me give you allll the tea! Get your pretty little teacup ready…let’s get ta sipping!

1. FUBU Created for Desti Brides, By Desti Brides!

I’m not a planner trying to get business from you… Juuust a DestiBride speading love and making destination weddings easier for all involved. I created DESTI Guide to Destination Weddings out of my own need for community and information while planning my own destination wedding. It quickly received an overwhelming response from both brides and vendors in the industry and we’re back and even stronger than ever! There’s a flood of love, support from brides, couples and professionals who only want to share their stories in hopes of saving another Desti blood, sweat + tears along their journey and I can proudly say that DestiTV is created For Us, By Us!

2. Twice as Nice!

DestiTV is a Twice-Weekly Show which means we’re bringing you new episodes EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK! Two times!

Here’s how it works: New interviews are released every Friday AND are filled with quick and usable tips, trick, advice and deals that we’ve found across the globe! Fridays bring you brand new interviews with DestiBrides, DestiPros and anyone else who can help you plan your destination wedding by sharing their own experiences. (Friday and Saturday if an episode needs to be split up - what’s that…thrice weekly? Yup.)

3. Audio + Videos!

We meet you wherever you are. On the way to work…at work…at the gym working it out…cooking dinner with your boo? Listen to the podcast! And when you’re ready to sit and have a glass of champagne (or tea or coffee - no judgements…) or cooking dinner with your boo but okay with a lil’ distraction - Watch your heart away on DestiTV! You’ve got options! Does everyone love options as much as I do? Hmmm…

4. You’re more than just a “Bride”!

Planning a destination wedding doesn’t magically make you no longer a woman or human for that matter. Life is still happening and there are still issues that you need to know about. We discuss, relationships, fitness, wellness, sex, mental health, music, current events, cocktails, food…all of it! And we need to hear from you too! You can always leave me a message, comment on a video, or reply to any email to share too!

5. DESTI-Nation!

You can’t plan a destination wedding alone - at least, I don’t recommend it. You need help, advice, and sometimes just somewhere to feel understood when no one else gets what you’re going through. You know it…We know it…I know it all too well. But you’re in luck because that’s exactly why DESTI® was created. We’re all Bridefriends over here in DESTI-Nation! Season 2 is filled with listeners of Season 1 who enjoyed the show, planned their own destination weddings and are ready to share their experiences too! They’re making the show better by answering questions they wish I had asked and making the show stronger and stronger - DESTI-Nation is lookin’ out!

BONUS #1: Fun…Open…Honest
What worked? What didn’t work? Each destination wedding experience is different, but we all let our hair down and keep it real with each other. REAL, HONEST + RAW is how we do it every week - with no judgments or apologies! Did ya’ll see Tressa pull back her wig? I just love her! Yeah - we’re Bridefriends for real!

Still not sold yet? Or do you just love a good Bonus like me? Hell it doesn’t even matter!
DestiTV Audience members get a lifetime discount on all ShopDESTI items! Join DESTI-Nation and get the deets!

So Destis + Bridefriends… I hope you FINALLY understand just how magical DestiTV is! Drop a note in the comments below to let me know you’re watching! See you soon!

xx, Omi