Hey Destis and Bridefriends! 

I miss you guys and hope that you're enjoying your DESTI wedding planning!

There's a 100% chance that you're on this page because you saw the words TV. So before I get to it...take a deep breath and clear your mind…

Ready? Okay, here goes…

I have a GIGANTIC opportunity for you and your DestiBoo to be featured ON TV! 


But first, I have 3 questions for you:

1. Have you ever heard of the show - House Hunters International? 

2. Don’t you wish you could watch a TV show about destination weddings? 

3. Have you ever dreamed of one day watching your beautiful face on TV…with your DestiBoo…as you plan your wedding?

4. Does planning your wedding ever make you say something like… “this can’t be real!” or “this would be a great TV show!”…or “this will not be forgotten!”

Okay, that was 4 questions…my bad - I’m just so friggin' excited!


Because today is your lucky day!

The great people at Leopard USA are on the hunt for the stars of their next hit show and they want to meet YOU - my Desti Bridefriends! 

So show them what you’ve got! 

You may not think you know Leopard USA..but you do. You just don’t know you do.

Ever heard of a channel called HGTV? How about the Food Network? Yeah, thought so… you know Leopard USA and you’re about to LOVE them because they are running a DESTI Casting Call right now! 

That’s right -


If you, one of your Bridefriends, or clients, or neighbors, or family member, or friends, or co-workers are planning a destination wedding anywhere between this Fall and Spring, that’s Fall 2018-Spring2019 - this is for you!

Read the DESTI CASTING CALL INFORMATION below and take your chance to be on the tizzube!

And because I love you all and to help you along the way, I recorded a quick podcast episode with 10 tips to help you with your submission which is live now and available for your listening pleasure wherever you're subscribed.

So if you’re your as excited as I know you are and you’re planning an International wedding Fall 2018-Spring 2019, then HOP on this opportunity ASAP! 

Like now…make that yesterday!

Skeedadle on down the page for submission details and don’t forget your 10 tips on the podcast! 


A major cable network is currently casting engaged couples nationwide for a brand-new TV series. They are currently looking for couples who are having an international destination wedding sometime between the Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019.   From venue to cake, they want to follow you through this beautiful journey down the aisle… no matter the location! They will be capturing the emotional and fun moments that go into planning the destination wedding of your dreams.

If you’re tying the knot in the next few months and are interested in hearing more about this exciting opportunity please email:


💕 Your Name

💕 Age

💕 City and State

💕 Phone and Email

💕 2 pictures of you and your fiancé

💕 Your Instagram/Facebook

💕 A short description of when and where the wedding is, and where you are in the planning stages

✨ And let them know I...Omi @ Bridefriends sent you!


The company producing this show specializes in popular lifestyle content.  In addition to House Hunters International, they’re also the crew behind Man Caves (DIY), Restaurant Divided (Food Network), The Filthy Rich Guide (CNBC), and Genevieve’s Renovation (HGTV)… just to name a few. Their next big project can revolve around you.  From choosing your venue to the vows, they’re ready to capture every moment. I hope to see you on TV soon!


So there you have it! 

Follow these instructions, and if you want the 10 extra tips, they’re waiting for you on the podcast

Don’t forget to let them know Omi @ Bridefriends sent you!

And feel free to drop any questions or comments in the comments below - I’ll be monitoring them! 

Wishing you great luck, tons of fun and sending all my love! 

💕 Thanks so much to Leopard USA for reaching out to Bridefriends and giving our community this amazing opportunity! We really appreciate you! 

Until Next Time…

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