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DESTI.LAND is THE place to be if you’re planning a destination wedding!

Home of The DESTI Guide To Destination Weddings Podcast + DESTI TV + Black Destination Bride

It's a more than just a
destination wedding blog... or podcast...DESTI is a Movement!

DESTILAND is our little corner in our universe specifically created for us to chat and share our experiences of destination wedding planning... 


DESTI has 1 mission:

Sharing experiences, knowledge, and inspiration to support, educate and empower destination wedding hopefuls on how to have the time of your life, while planning the best days of your life!

Our Quick “ABOUT US” Blurb:

Do you devour bridal magazines + pin your Pinterest heart out, wondering exactly HOW couples pull off these gorgeous destination weddings?

Yeah, so did we.

Now, imagine sharing a bottle of champagne with those couples + professionals asking them everything you want - make that NEED to know.

That’s what we do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

Join me, Omi Allen - forever #destibride, destination wedding enthusiast and creator of DESTI® and BRIDEFRIENDS®, as I chat with a diverse group of brides, grooms, (my DESTIs) and wedding professionals (My DESTIPros) to find out what worked + more importantly - what didn’t work for weddings around the world. Our #1 Rule: be Honest, True and RAW.

So pour yourself a glass + join us every day for your peek behind the veil of destination wedding planning!


As Destis, we need more than just pretty pictures and articles to plan our Big Day or Big Weekend. That's where the REAL and USABLE first-hand advice comes in.  The DESTI Guide to Destination Weddings Podcast asks real Destis and DestiPros all of the questions that you need answers to. 
And, as a BONUS, the show notes for each episode includes the beautiful galleries that us Destis love. 

Every episode is a peek “behind the veil” of destination wedding planning! 

Watch, Listen or Read DESTI - we like options and know you do too!


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